Month: November 2017

The Favorite Car

Everyone has a favorite car. And by favorite, I don’t mean they have a poster of this car on their bedroom wall. They don’t need to fantasize about driving the car. They don’t even need to be a “car lover”. However, there is one car that people like the best.

For many people, their favorite car is the one they own. This is great! Expectations are met. For others, perhaps their favorite car is one they’ve never seen in person!

Consider the Aston Martin Vanquish. This is a James Bond car! Ever since I saw the vehicle in the movie “Die Another Day” I always wanted one. There is only one problem with me owning a Vanquish. Yes, I have my driver’s license. That is not the issue. The issue for me is a choice I’d have to make. What do I want more, a house, or an Aston Martin Vanquish? I chose the house like most people do. The price of a 2017 Vanquish is $287,000.

It’s been awhile since I looked at the Vanquish. What a beautiful work of art that car is. I’m not normally one to fantasize about driving a car. However, the Vanquish is making me want to take it for a test drive! I’m not even sure if a test drive would be free with that particular car.

Other cars, in the past, have been part of my favorites list. When I was in high school, I used to like the Porsche Boxster. There was also a period of time I liked the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4. The difference between the VR-4 and the Vanquish is only about $280,000!

To learn more about my favorite car, check out the video below about the Vanquish. After watching it, the Vanquish might be your new favorite car too!

Welcome to the Challenger Blog!

Every story starts with a beginning but not every story has an ending. This blog is based on my love of cars, specifically Dodge Challengers. My infatuation with Challengers was inspired by NCIS (the tv show). I dreamed of owning a sports car just like the ones Gibbs fearlessly drove. This blog is dedicated to my nostalgic memories of childlike activities and my dreams of future accomplishments. I am not there yet, but I will update this blog and YOU on my daily steps in getting there. Welcome and Enjoy 🙂