Tips for Travelling with a Baby the First Time

Traveling with a baby for the first time can be challenging, but if handled with care, it would eventually turn out to be fun having the baby near you and also not worrying much about the whereabouts of the baby when you are away. Whether it’s via plane or car, traveling with a newborn can be frightening, but we are here to help!

When my sister’s baby was five months old, there was an important meeting that the family had to attend to Singapore and they had to plan on how they would incorporate the baby.

Being the elder sister, and her husband managing the worldwide Roofers Boca Raton company, she asked me to help her research on the best tips that she would put in mind before setting out for travel, and some of these tips were as follows.

Before departure:

  1. Passport- Ensure that the baby as a valid passport at least a week before taking a flight. This will depend on the travel destinations that you are engaged in. However, if it is not necessary, then you would rest be assured that you are safe with the baby.
  2. The baby should be checked if it is fit to travel by the family doctor who would give accurate information regarding the health of the baby. There are also vaccines that are taken before taking any flight, and the doctor will always offer great advice relating such.
  3. Packing- Some of the essentials that the baby need to use should be listed well in advance to avoid forgetting any of them. These include the diapers, outfits for the number of days that you will be traveling. However, because of the limited space that you may have when packing, some essentials like diapers can be bought once you arrive at the destination. Only carry what will be used during travel and could be a day or two as you settle to the hotel.
  4. Umbrella Strollers- since Umbrella strollers are easily folded, it is essential to carry it with you as it will ease your movements when visiting the malls, or even other tourist destinations.
  5. For the mother, you will need to have a manual breast pump with you- This will ensure that if you have excess milk, you can still pump it and store for later use and especially when out visiting, you don’t have to breastfeed openly whereas you could have pumped and stored the milk safely for such use.
  6. Crib- In most of the hotels, there are cribs available, but it is essential to call the hotel well in advance and ensure that it is readily available on arrival.
  7. Toys- Ensure that before travel, there are a variety of toys in your packing bag. This will keep the baby entertained, and chances of crying and bringing all the discomfort are minimized.
  8. When onboarding the flight, ensure that;
  1. Ensure that the security checks are done correctly- Usually, the cabin crews will support Moms with young babies first.
  2. Confirm that you are aware of the changing room for the diapers and a place to warm baby’s food while in the plane to keep the baby as comfortable as possible.
  3. While inside the flight, if the baby is two years and below, they should be appropriately fastened together with the parent for safety reasons.
  4. Always keep the baby hydrated.
  5. Upon Arrival;
  1. Ensure that any baby food you have is declared to avoid suspicion of carrying unsafe items.
  2. Confirm that you have all the luggage in place to avoid misplacing any clothing and documents that would disorientate your travel.
  3. Avoid visiting so many attractions on the first travel with the baby- choose a 2-3 destination to prevent the baby from getting worked out, and this may lead to complications.


With these points in mind, if followed critically, then the time you will be out traveling will be fantastic as well as enjoyable.

Infiniti’s Prototype 10

On Thursday evening, the extravagance automaker Infiniti, a unit of Nissan Motor Co., pulled the cover off a cutting edge idea auto at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the accepted Super Bowl of exemplary auto appears. Named “Model 10,” the crooked, all-electric machine “speaks to a physical sign” of the brand’s gets ready for energetic, battery-driven machines.


A year ago, Infiniti had the sleeper hit of the Concours in its Protoype 9, a one-situate idea wedding the style of a 1940s race auto with an electric powertrain and 21st century materials. The new cycle takes that equation and dials up the “future” components.

The vehicle is still long and limited, similar to a vintage race auto, and there is still just a single seat, yet the wheels are encased by a lace of apparently continuous metal. The hood goes for quite a long time, with goliath concavities on the sides that channel air into two admissions; the cockpit ascends to a balance behind the driver’s head and afterward decreases down to the back like that of a World War II military aircraft. The lodge is open, obviously—another gesture to vintage speed.


The driver sits, basically, on the floor, behind a modest, level bottomed directing wheel. Instead of a traveler situate, Infiniti has cut a gigantic air channel. It can’t DJ or draw up iPhone headings, yet the cavity cools the engine and batteries.The principle objective for the Prototype 10 is to make Nissan fans overlook, for a minute, the Nissan Leaf, the idea auto’s whip-savvy, sincere electric kin. That auto is determinedly unsexy. It doesn’t mean all the organization’s sans gas contributions must be.


It’s the main real machine drafted under the watch of plan boss Karim Habib, whom Infiniti contracted far from Bayerische Motoren Werke AG a year ago. In that capacity, the idea may give a telling look at how Habib will tinker with the look of different vehicles in the lineup.


Car Window Tinting

Benefits of Tinting

Typically, car window tinting creates a cool, personalized look for your vehicle. Window tinting is one of the many upgrades for your vehicle. You not only give comfort to yourself but also taking care of your vehicle as not many people realize that there are many other benefits of window tinting.

Here are some factors why car window tinting is a valued addition to any vehicle:

Blocks UV Rays

Having a tinted car window can actually block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Car window tinting is important for protecting you and loved ones from cancer-causing UV rays especially if you’re in the car for extended periods especially during traffic situations. There is no need to have windows darkened to block UV as UV protection comes in various grades. Tinted window protect also the interior from UV related color fading.

Controls Heat

The sun also tends to create uncomfortable heat inside your car aside from UV rays. You can easily stay comfortable and prevent expensive overuse of the air con since car window tinting also blocks up to 71% of solar energy.

Vehicles with tinted windows also tend to remain cooler in the summer. It will protect your hands from getting scorched by hot steering wheels if you have tinted windows.

Additional Safety

It is specially designed to reduce injury when car windows are broken, but the addition of car window tint brings window security to a new extent. If ever, broken window glass stays in one piece, reducing chances of injury from glass shards since window tint covers entire panes. Cleanup is also much easier after breakage, is an additional benefit for a tinted car window.

Prevents Theft Intervention

It can also protect from car theft when a car window is tinted. If ever a thief succeeds in breaking a window, it is still no use injuring his fist as he is still faced with a solid panel of glass and film. The security tint makes car windows more durable.

Truly, tinting a car window provides your vehicle a personal look, but without realizing the benefits, it can do a lot more than that.


Police officers don’t like a tinted window which makes it the biggest drawback. What you need to do is to roll down your window immediately if you do get pulled over by police. There are some states that have laws against how much tint you’re allowed to have. Car tint will eventually peel and need to be replaced as tint won’t last forever which makes it another drawback of car tinting.

Classic Cars

Nothing is more American than a classic car. I’m talking about the old cars from the 1950’s and onward. I’m talking about the clean beauties but also the muscle cars, like the Mustang or Corvette Stingray.

These days, we’re more likely to see these vehicles in a movie instead of driving down the street. They can even be considered antiques at this point. Owners of these cars might not want to drive them much because they don’t want to put too many miles on them. The more mileage a car has, the more often it needs repair work. And eventually, older cars break down with too much wear. No owner can still be driving the same car that is 20 years old. That car might have four hundred thousand miles on it by now. And that’s probably not possible because the engine would fail long before then. But what if the owner wants to buy a new engine? Sure, they can do that. But they aren’t cheap! Depending on the type of car, they might run from thousands of dollars or up. If it’s an older vehicle, one that’s not made anymore, the engine might be over ten thousand dollars.

Occasionally, I will see one of these classic cars on the road. Now that I think of it, I mostly see these cars on Saturday mornings. These aren’t cars to drive to work. No, the owner is simply taking it out for a joy ride. And there is nothing wrong with that. Other times, I will see classic cars at a car show. Most cities and towns have a car show. Simply go online and search when there will be near you. You’ll enjoy it!

Carr Rentals in Puerto Rico

Recently, I traveled to Puerto Rico. I was there on vacation and wanted to see different parts of the island country. Puerto Rico isn’t very large. If driving, a traveler can drive from one end to the other in a few hours. That is, of course, without any traffic or debris from natural disasters.

I visited Puerto Rico a few months ago, right before it got hit by double hurricanes. The destruction was epic! And it’s very sad how people on the island are currently suffering. It made the news just after it happened. But Puerto Rico isn’t really in the news much anymore. The news cycle has moved on to cover other things, such as the tax bill, which was just signed today. but Puerto Ricans are US citizens, and they should be helped in a more efficient way. It’s been months since the hurricanes hit, but only about half of the island has power up. That wouldn’t happen on the mainland. But my trip, while I was there, was pretty amazing.

When my flight landed in San Juan, I knew that I would need some type of transportation. Many people on the island speak English. But the main language is Spanish. Surely, I could have used Uber. Or maybe I could have used public transportation like a bus. But I wanted control of my destination. So I walked over to the car rental place and asked how much it would cost. After totaling all of the expenses, to include insurance and taxes, it came out to be about $400 for one week. That isn’t that bad, considering I could drive it whenever I wanted, as long as I pay for gas.

I would not rent a car in every country. But renting a car in Puerto Rico is easy to do and highly recommended. It will be an open road for you!

My Honda Accord

My current vehicle is a leased one. There are a few reasons for this. I didn’t always lease, however. I owned a car for many years. The one I owned was a Honda Accord. There’s one reason I don’t still drive it. It broke!

At the time, it was right around 10 years old. I purchased it in late 2006, in Pensacola, FL. A few months later, I drove it all the way up to Virginia, where I’ve been since. The car was always reliable. Honda vehicle is known for that. Well, I should say that they are reliable only if the owner takes care of them. They don’t even need extensive maintenance. But there are a few minor things that are a must.

I remember the day I purchase my Accord. It looks brand new, even though it was 4 years old. The day was sunny and it was Fall. I had never purchased a car before. I was ecstatic! For the first months, I would clean it meticulously. Over time I became a bit busier with a full-time job and school.

I would always change the oil before the oil ran out. In the later years, sometimes I would wait until the red light blinked letting me know to take the car in. But now I know that it’s too late to do that! During one of my oil changes, they also inspect the vehicle. They told me I needed to change the timing belt. This is the main belt that goes through the engine. I wanted to save money and declined. I believe the price was about $150. Well, later that year, or next, the timing belt broke. With it, the engine was destroyed because of the snapping of the timing belt. Oops!

Yes, I learned my lesson. I’ll never decline regular maintenance again. Because I’m leasing now, I get a new vehicle every 2-3 years. I don’t have to worry about it breaking down. That being said, if I ever own again, I’ll make sure to take great care of my vehicle!

The College Car

When I was in college my car was not flashy. It was not necessarily a jalopy either. But it was not expensive I drove a minivan from the early 1990s and I am not ashamed to admit that!

For a college student even having a car at all is a big deal. Not everyone has one. Many students in larger cities simply use public transportation to get around. Some students have bikes which will get them around for free. Other options these days are ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft.

Does a college student need a car? That would depend on whatever goes in during their college years. For example, someone with a college job might need a car to get to work. Other times, college job can be found in and around campus. Smart students can earn money through tutoring, especially in subjects such as math, business, or economics.

The college student should know that there are many costs which come with having a car. First, the person needs car insurance. This might be somewhere around $70 a month. Then, they need to save up to pay for gas. This might be somewhere around $50 a month, given the current states of inexpensive gas. They also need to remember about regular oil changes. Don’t forget the state inspection and registration fees. Oh, and there’s also car property tax if your state has that. Cars aren’t cheap for a college student! And most college students have strict budgets.

Maybe that’s why I had a minivan throughout college. I didn’t mind it. I was just happy I had something to bring me from Point A to Point B. Some students did not have that luxury. For those that did not, they were always happy if they could find a ride with someone.

6 things you should do before buying a car

Buying a car is still a tough task. There are unscrupulous salesmen who are always ready to take advantage of uninformed or inexperienced customers. But there are some simple things you can do to avoid getting duped and buy the car you want at the best possible price.


Here are some of the top things you should do before buying a new or used car.


Check Your Credit Score


Finding out your credit score in advance is quite helpful. Knowing your credit score gives you an advantage in negotiations and potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This way, you don’t have to let the dealers run their credit. Besides, if there is an error on your credit score, you can fix it in advance.


Plan For Financing


Before visiting any dealership, plan your budget and financing. Find out an estimate of how much money you will need and how much monthly payment you can afford. Find out all the available auto loans and check whether or not you qualify for it.


Research Different Cars


Research all the cars that you are interested in before visiting any dealer. Never go to the dealership unprepared. Here, the internet will be of great help to you. Just searching on google will help you find the best cars and all the information about them. Take your time to compare different cars and decide which one you want to buy based on the features, model, price, style and other factors.


Know The Trade In Value


This is also something you should do before going to the dealership. You can’t trust the car dealers to give you a good offer. If you have a trade-in, find out what it is worth in advance so you can know whether or not you got a good offer. You can also sell your trade-in separately in a private sell to get the most out of it.


Research The Dealership


This is something that is ignored by 90% of car buyers. Before visiting a dealership, go on the internet and look up their reviews and ratings. Ask the past customers about their experience with the dealership. This will save you a lot of trouble later because if the dealership is bad, you will know in advance and it is important because this is one of the best ways to avoid getting ripped off when buying a car.


Compare Prices


It is important to get all the price information from the dealers in advance. Go to multiple dealerships and compare prices of different dealers. By doing this, there is a good chance that you will get the best possible price for your car. This also will help you in negotiation and will save you a lot of money.


Final Thoughts


Shopping for a car can be overwhelming, but with the right knowledge, you can do it more confidently and minimize the regrets you might have. Now you know what to do whenever you are planning to buy a car for yourself.


Good Luck!

The Favorite Car

Everyone has a favorite car. And by favorite, I don’t mean they have a poster of this car on their bedroom wall. They don’t need to fantasize about driving the car. They don’t even need to be a “car lover”. However, there is one car that people like the best.

For many people, their favorite car is the one they own. This is great! Expectations are met. For others, perhaps their favorite car is one they’ve never seen in person!

Consider the Aston Martin Vanquish. This is a James Bond car! Ever since I saw the vehicle in the movie “Die Another Day” I always wanted one. There is only one problem with me owning a Vanquish. Yes, I have my driver’s license. That is not the issue. The issue for me is a choice I’d have to make. What do I want more, a house, or an Aston Martin Vanquish? I chose the house like most people do. The price of a 2017 Vanquish is $287,000.

It’s been awhile since I looked at the Vanquish. What a beautiful work of art that car is. I’m not normally one to fantasize about driving a car. However, the Vanquish is making me want to take it for a test drive! I’m not even sure if a test drive would be free with that particular car.

Other cars, in the past, have been part of my favorites list. When I was in high school, I used to like the Porsche Boxster. There was also a period of time I liked the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4. The difference between the VR-4 and the Vanquish is only about $280,000!

To learn more about my favorite car, check out the video below about the Vanquish. After watching it, the Vanquish might be your new favorite car too!

Welcome to the Challenger Blog!

Every story starts with a beginning but not every story has an ending. This blog is based on my love of cars, specifically Dodge Challengers. My infatuation with Challengers was inspired by NCIS (the tv show). I dreamed of owning a sports car just like the ones Gibbs fearlessly drove. This blog is dedicated to my nostalgic memories of childlike activities and my dreams of future accomplishments. I am not there yet, but I will update this blog and YOU on my daily steps in getting there. Welcome and Enjoy 🙂