Recently, I traveled to Puerto Rico. I was there on vacation and wanted to see different parts of the island country. Puerto Rico isn’t very large. If driving, a traveler can drive from one end to the other in a few hours. That is, of course, without any traffic or debris from natural disasters.

I visited Puerto Rico a few months ago, right before it got hit by double hurricanes. The destruction was epic! And it’s very sad how people on the island are currently suffering. It made the news just after it happened. But Puerto Rico isn’t really in the news much anymore. The news cycle has moved on to cover other things, such as the tax bill, which was just signed today. but Puerto Ricans are US citizens, and they should be helped in a more efficient way. It’s been months since the hurricanes hit, but only about half of the island has power up. That wouldn’t happen on the mainland. But my trip, while I was there, was pretty amazing.

When my flight landed in San Juan, I knew that I would need some type of transportation. Many people on the island speak English. But the main language is Spanish. Surely, I could have used Uber. Or maybe I could have used public transportation like a bus. But I wanted control of my destination. So I walked over to the car rental place and asked how much it would cost. After totaling all of the expenses, to include insurance and taxes, it came out to be about $400 for one week. That isn’t that bad, considering I could drive it whenever I wanted, as long as I pay for gas.

I would not rent a car in every country. But renting a car in Puerto Rico is easy to do and highly recommended. It will be an open road for you!