Nothing is more American than a classic car. I’m talking about the old cars from the 1950’s and onward. I’m talking about the clean beauties but also the muscle cars, like the Mustang or Corvette Stingray.

These days, we’re more likely to see these vehicles in a movie instead of driving down the street. They can even be considered antiques at this point. Owners of these cars might not want to drive them much because they don’t want to put too many miles on them. The more mileage a car has, the more often it needs repair work. And eventually, older cars break down with too much wear. No owner can still be driving the same car that is 20 years old. That car might have four hundred thousand miles on it by now. And that’s probably not possible because the engine would fail long before then. But what if the owner wants to buy a new engine? Sure, they can do that. But they aren’t cheap! Depending on the type of car, they might run from thousands of dollars or up. If it’s an older vehicle, one that’s not made anymore, the engine might be over ten thousand dollars.

Occasionally, I will see one of these classic cars on the road. Now that I think of it, I mostly see these cars on Saturday mornings. These aren’t cars to drive to work. No, the owner is simply taking it out for a joy ride. And there is nothing wrong with that. Other times, I will see classic cars at a car show. Most cities and towns have a car show. Simply go online and search when there will be near you. You’ll enjoy it!