My current vehicle is a leased one. There are a few reasons for this. I didn’t always lease, however. I owned a car for many years. The one I owned was a Honda Accord. There’s one reason I don’t still drive it. It broke!

At the time, it was right around 10 years old. I purchased it in late 2006, in Pensacola, FL. A few months later, I drove it all the way up to Virginia, where I’ve been since. The car was always reliable. Honda vehicle is known for that. Well, I should say that they are reliable only if the owner takes care of them. They don’t even need extensive maintenance. But there are a few minor things that are a must.

I remember the day I purchase my Accord. It looks brand new, even though it was 4 years old. The day was sunny and it was Fall. I had never purchased a car before. I was ecstatic! For the first months, I would clean it meticulously. Over time I became a bit busier with a full-time job and school.

I would always change the oil before the oil ran out. In the later years, sometimes I would wait until the red light blinked letting me know to take the car in. But now I know that it’s too late to do that! During one of my oil changes, they also inspect the vehicle. They told me I needed to change the timing belt. This is the main belt that goes through the engine. I wanted to save money and declined. I believe the price was about $150. Well, later that year, or next, the timing belt broke. With it, the engine was destroyed because of the snapping of the timing belt. Oops!

Yes, I learned my lesson. I’ll never decline regular maintenance again. Because I’m leasing now, I get a new vehicle every 2-3 years. I don’t have to worry about it breaking down. That being said, if I ever own again, I’ll make sure to take great care of my vehicle!