When I was in college my car was not flashy. It was not necessarily a jalopy either. But it was not expensive I drove a minivan from the early 1990s and I am not ashamed to admit that!

For a college student even having a car at all is a big deal. Not everyone has one. Many students in larger cities simply use public transportation to get around. Some students have bikes which will get them around for free. Other options these days are ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft.

Does a college student need a car? That would depend on whatever goes in during their college years. For example, someone with a college job might need a car to get to work. Other times, college job can be found in and around campus. Smart students can earn money through tutoring, especially in subjects such as math, business, or economics.

The college student should know that there are many costs which come with having a car. First, the person needs car insurance. This might be somewhere around $70 a month. Then, they need to save up to pay for gas. This might be somewhere around $50 a month, given the current states of inexpensive gas. They also need to remember about regular oil changes. Don’t forget the state inspection and registration fees. Oh, and there’s also car property tax if your state has that. Cars aren’t cheap for a college student! And most college students have strict budgets.

Maybe that’s why I had a minivan throughout college. I didn’t mind it. I was just happy I had something to bring me from Point A to Point B. Some students did not have that luxury. For those that did not, they were always happy if they could find a ride with someone.