Traveling with a baby for the first time can be challenging, but if handled with care, it would eventually turn out to be fun having the baby near you and also not worrying much about the whereabouts of the baby when you are away. Whether it’s via plane or car, traveling with a newborn can be frightening, but we are here to help!

When my sister’s baby was five months old, there was an important meeting that the family had to attend to Singapore and they had to plan on how they would incorporate the baby.

Being the elder sister, and her husband managing the worldwide Roofers Boca Raton company, she asked me to help her research on the best tips that she would put in mind before setting out for travel, and some of these tips were as follows.

Before departure:

  1. Passport- Ensure that the baby as a valid passport at least a week before taking a flight. This will depend on the travel destinations that you are engaged in. However, if it is not necessary, then you would rest be assured that you are safe with the baby.
  2. The baby should be checked if it is fit to travel by the family doctor who would give accurate information regarding the health of the baby. There are also vaccines that are taken before taking any flight, and the doctor will always offer great advice relating such.
  3. Packing- Some of the essentials that the baby need to use should be listed well in advance to avoid forgetting any of them. These include the diapers, outfits for the number of days that you will be traveling. However, because of the limited space that you may have when packing, some essentials like diapers can be bought once you arrive at the destination. Only carry what will be used during travel and could be a day or two as you settle to the hotel.
  4. Umbrella Strollers- since Umbrella strollers are easily folded, it is essential to carry it with you as it will ease your movements when visiting the malls, or even other tourist destinations.
  5. For the mother, you will need to have a manual breast pump with you- This will ensure that if you have excess milk, you can still pump it and store for later use and especially when out visiting, you don’t have to breastfeed openly whereas you could have pumped and stored the milk safely for such use.
  6. Crib- In most of the hotels, there are cribs available, but it is essential to call the hotel well in advance and ensure that it is readily available on arrival.
  7. Toys- Ensure that before travel, there are a variety of toys in your packing bag. This will keep the baby entertained, and chances of crying and bringing all the discomfort are minimized.
  8. When onboarding the flight, ensure that;
  1. Ensure that the security checks are done correctly- Usually, the cabin crews will support Moms with young babies first.
  2. Confirm that you are aware of the changing room for the diapers and a place to warm baby’s food while in the plane to keep the baby as comfortable as possible.
  3. While inside the flight, if the baby is two years and below, they should be appropriately fastened together with the parent for safety reasons.
  4. Always keep the baby hydrated.
  5. Upon Arrival;
  1. Ensure that any baby food you have is declared to avoid suspicion of carrying unsafe items.
  2. Confirm that you have all the luggage in place to avoid misplacing any clothing and documents that would disorientate your travel.
  3. Avoid visiting so many attractions on the first travel with the baby- choose a 2-3 destination to prevent the baby from getting worked out, and this may lead to complications.


With these points in mind, if followed critically, then the time you will be out traveling will be fantastic as well as enjoyable.